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Customers receive cheaper shipping and you receive a cashback for recommending the Pigee app. When they want to post your products back to their country.

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Be Discovered new customers who are visiting your country on vacation. Be a merchant that increases the number of customers who say yes to shopping with you.

Sell more to tourists by using the Pigee app.

With just a few taps. Tourists who visit your store can purchase your products and have them shipped home. Just take a photo of your product, list it to your Pigee merchant shop and the customer organises the shipping.

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Pigee does the heavy lifting

Pigee does the heavy lifting.

Pigee delivery partners with the best global shipping companies including FedEX and Lion Parcel. They will collect customer orders from your store and deliver them to their doorstep anywhere in the world. All you have to do is securely package the item. All the costs are included in the order. How convenient!

Pigee gets you Paid.

You are paid directly from the sales you generate through Pigee. And you receive a commission for recommending the Pigee travel shopping app. Just select your preferred payment method and verify your identity. No sweat!

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Sell more with pigee delivery

Pigee brings it home.

Tourists who purchase your products with Pigee will receive their orders safely and insured. Our expert carriers pickup and deliver items globally. Whether they are the most delicate rugs or exquisite works of art. Pigee brings them home.

Profits on Auto-Pilot.

We love to see return customers buying from your store hassle-free. Its time to make relationships count. With Pigee, they can keep buying from you, even when they return home.

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It's better to sell with Pigee

It takes only 10 seconds to list a product. So you can list when a tourist requests. Unlike traditional sales, you can keep selling to the same tourists because they love your offerings, but they won't need to fly to buy more.

Envied by your competitors

Your competition will start to wonder how you are doing 10x more sales than them. Its time to work smart in the post pandemic world!

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Get Started today! Sell More.

Download the app for FREE via the iOS or Google Play App store. Then register as a merchant and follow the verification process. You’ll be selling on Pigee in no time!

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Enjoy the benefits of being part of the Pigee family! Register your shop on the Pigee App TODAY!

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