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that makes its own way home.

A revolutionary shopping app for the exceptional traveling shopaholic. Buy to your heart’s content and ship your purchased items home. All in one app.

The Benefits of Pigee

Shop with

Pigee partners with local and reputable shops wherever you are in the world. With the finest deals for items you want to buy, Pigee helps you save precious time and money.

One App
to Pay Them All

Pigee connects your favorite payment gateways, such as Paypal, for more secure spending. Pay with local or your country’s currency. So you can pay with peace of mind.

pigee delivery

We Do
The Heavy Lifting

Pigee’s reliable delivery partners will pack, ship, and bring your purchased items to your home’s doorstep. So avoid exuberant baggage fees and have a stress-free trip back home.

Shop as
much as you want without regret.

Because Pigee can ship oversized, bulky items straight to your home, you don’t have to “wish it” but “want it!” So now, you can enjoy all the enticing rugs from Morocco.

How it works

Install the Pigee app to your iOS or Android device

Register for FREE! and validate your account

Complete your profile with essential details such as delivery addresses and payment information.

Search for the products you are looking for, and Pigee will display all the shops in your area.

Visit our Pigee Partner shops and shop to your heart’s content.

Pay via the app, and your items are shipped to your home.


Travel light and Worry-free.

Less time to search. More time to shop.

Pay with confidence and peace of mind

Save on expensive luggage fees

Leave the airport quicker and enjoy your purchases at the comfort of your home.

Support local stores and street market shops. Promote their culture outside their country.

Travel Companion

Shop Without The Doubt!

Found something you can’t live without, but it’s too bulky? Snatched the bargain of a lifetime, but it’s too many to fit in your luggage? No problemo!

pigee Shopping

Browse a store. Buy More. Ship it home.

With Pigee, everything you buy gets shipped home. Download Pigee TODAY!

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