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Pigee (Pigee Inc.) is a Travel Companion App and the first of its kind to allow tourists to send their shopping home from the shops they visit anywhere in the world. The newsroom will give you all of the assets you need to get to know Pigee.

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The vision of Pigee - The Homing Pigeon, is to connect those excluded from the global commerce market. To build an economy of inclusion that allows new ideas and products to enter the marketplace. We are dedicated to giving the best user experience and quality of service. We want our community to take part in the building of a system that works for them.



Latest Announcements

The Hawker Lifestyle Pigee
New Series: The Hawker Lifestyle. Small business owners interviews.
Leonardo Zangrando interviews the founder of Pigee
Listen to the Startups Of London Podcast chat with Leroy Lawrence, Founder of Pigee. 

Press Release

Pigee the homing pigeon

(US) The revolutionary new marketplace App, Pigee (US, Delaware).  Pigee is the revolutionary new app for the travelling shopaholic that allows users to conveniently send a little bit of

Pigee Bali Press Release

(Bali)  Version 2 of the Pigee App to be rolled out in Bali. The new update was built in response to feedback given during the Bali pilot in May and now includes a partnership with Indonesian shipping company, Lion Parcel. 

Shop sellers

(US)  Pigee is the revolutionary new app for the travelling shopaholic that allows users to conveniently send a little bit of their experience home. The travel companion launched today and is free to download on iOS or android.


Pigee podcast startup

(UK) The Sol Podcast.We addressed issues like the steps of turning an idea into a real product, developing technology according to current needs, how to validate the need, adjusting to the market, and the impacts of past experiences and the unmentioned challenges whilst becoming an entrepreneur. 

Relevant podcast Pigee Inc.

(Ukraine) RELEVANT Podcast. Listen to our podcast for startup founders, in which tech founders reflect on their journey of building a successful startup and reveal their secrets to success. We will be bringing you some exciting conversations with founders of leading tech companies from around the world.

Feline Capital Pigee podcast

(Mumbai) Purrserverance Podcast.  🕊 Pigee Inc is a travel tech start-up that ensures you enjoy your travel shopping hands-free 🙌 because they send it back to your home for you. This dream is becoming a reality for many tourists thanks to Pigee’s marketplace mobile app and their partnership with various shipping companies.

Angela Walker podcast

(UK) Angela Walker In Conversation. Award-winning entrepreneur, Leroy Lawrence, and Matt Adey, the Director of Economics for British Business Bank. Discover the unique challenges facing start-ups in the UK. To learn more about the former BBC Journalist, you can visit the website here.

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The diverse and vibrant team at Pigee have a goal built on passion to bring Pigee to the world.

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