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Pigee Bali Press Release


For Immediate Release

Tourists spend more when they post their shopping home using the Pigee app.

The new mobile app that will increase tourist shop spending in Bali


(Bali, Indonesia, 1st July 2022) Pigee is the revolutionary new app that supports tourism in Bali. Built for the travelling shopaholic, the app allows users to conveniently post products home whilst visiting the shops they love. The international travel companion has taken Bali by storm, with more shop owners registering their shops every day and thousands of app downloads by tourists – Pigee is free to download on iOS or Android.


Pigee has partnered with shipping companies including Lion Parcel to make it easier than ever imagined to send shopping home directly from the shops tourists visit. Shop owners only need to package their products and Pigee shipping partners collect directly from the shop and deliver to the customers doorstep.


Tourists are delighted to say goodbye to restricted carry-on space and avoid exuberant baggage fees when flying. The app provides them with a stress-free trip back home.  Oversized or delicate items are no longer an issue, allowing tourists to buy items they never thought they would be able to take home.


The Bali pilot of the Pigee app was launched in May 2022 and today Pigee begins to roll out version 2.0 after taking on requests and feedback from shop owners. Packed with a bunch of useful new features including:

● Withdraw to bank
● Easy shop registration
● Paid referrals
Lion Parcel Shipping


Encouraging tourists to buy whilst on holiday from independent artisans, stores and street market shops native to the countries they visit, Pigee breathes life into local shops. The app connects small shop owners who are excluded from the global commerce market and helps promote their shop outside of their country and to a larger audience.


Pigee believes every customer matters for a business. Through the app, customers can directly speak to the seller and Pigee will automatically translate the conversation to the local language and provide full details of their delivery for peace of mind. And the shopping does not stop there. Once home, the tourist can continue to shop through the Pigee app. Browse registered Balinese shops and purchase more items. Pigee will organise the delivery.


The start-up’s founder and CEO, Leroy Lawrence said his own shopping dilemma on vacation made him realise there was a gap to fill: “I found myself struggling to get pieces of art back home after getting carried away at various local artisan stores. I wasn’t able to fit everything into my weekend suitcase.


By the time I got back to London most of the paintings were ruined – the paint had picked off, they were frayed. I felt guilty because I’d seen these artists create the artworks. I figured …well, I can’t buy as much as I would like. I can’t get it home. When I’m at home I need to pack a bigger suitcase just to decide what extras I’m going to fit in there, and that was the problem.


So I figured there must be a solution for this, and Pigee was just that.” Founder and CEO, Leroy Lawrence.


Why Pigee:

  • The App is free to download on iOS or Android
  • Shop owners can list products for free
  • Tourists can buy without limits or worry of how to get their shopping home
  • Shop owners stay connected to their customers in the app
  • Transactions made using preferred mobile payment method
  • Shop owners can receive payment direct to their bank account or in cash
  • Maintains your privacy
  • Auto Translate conversation via the chat window
  • Automatically converts currency value
  • Buy and sell more even when tourists return home
  • Pigee has partnered with shipping companies including Lion Parcel.


How does Pigee work?

  1. Download the app for free and create an account.
  2. Register your shop on the Pigee app and display your products to global customers.
  3. List your products in advance or on request from customers when they visit your shop.
  4. The shop owner simply takes a photo of the desired product and inputs the necessary information within 10 seconds.
  5. Once a customer has found an item to purchase they can connect to your Pigee shop instantly by scanning the shops’ QR code.
  6. Use social media with Pigee to promote your shop to a global audience that’s ready to buy.
  7. Customers have everything calculated in their own currency and can pay for products in cash or via the mobile app (Paypal, Visa, AliPay, Apple Pay, Credit Card etc).
  8. Shop owners can receive payment in cash, direct to bank, Stripe or PayPal.
  9. Once the payment is complete customers needn’t worry about the logistics, with a tracking number generated immediately.
  10. Shop owners just need to package the product securely and Pigee shipping partners will collect within one day.
  11. And the shopping needn’t stop there – once home, if the customer decides to purchase more items from the seller, they can do so knowing they trust the seller.
  12. Customers can shop online from Pigee shops just like they would with Shopee or Amazon.
  13. Every item is insured and Pigee keeps delivery costs low.

“Pigee is a marketplace designed for local crafters and sellers. Unlike Etsy or Amazon, you can be sure the work is unique and original. We’re providing access to a market that was once logistically restricted. Tourists can now connect with locals and buy meaningful items. Items that have attached memories and experiences that can be enjoyed long after their trip has ended.” Founder and CEO, Leroy Lawrence.


About Pigee

Pigee is The Homing Pigeon that solves the first world problem that has frustrated tourists all around the world. It sends travel shopping home.

That disappointed look you give your suitcase, knowing you have to leave clothes you’ll probably need behind. Planning to buy gifts and products that remind you of the memories you made means you have to leave space in your luggage. Then when you find those hard to find products on vacation you then have to limit your shopping so you can get them home.

Pigee’s vision is to build a worldwide community to connect those excluded from the global commerce market. To build an economy of inclusion that allows new ideas and products to enter the marketplace. Pigee is dedicated to giving the best user experience and quality of service. Pigee wants its community to take part in the building of a system that works for them.

The Pigee App revolutionises the in-person shopping experience for tourists. Whilst also keeping the people you meet connected and empowered.

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