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Shopping that makes its own way home. The revolutionary new marketplace App, Pigee.

 (US, Delaware – 21st March 2022)  Pigee is the revolutionary new app for the travelling shopaholic that allows users to conveniently send a little bit of their experience home. The travel companion launched today and is free to download on iOS or android. 

Pigee’s reliable delivery partners will pack, ship, and bring your purchased items home to your doorstep. Say goodbye to restricted carry-on space and avoid exuberant baggage fees; the app provides a stress-free trip back home. Oversized or bulky items are no longer an issue, allowing you to enjoy all of those enticing rugs you never thought you would get home from Morocco. Packed with a bunch of useful features into a single, easy-to-use app, including instant verified seller and product search, plus quick QR scanning. 

Encouraging people to buy from independent artisans, stores and street market shops native to the countries they visit, Pigee breathes life into local shops. The app connects those excluded from the global commerce market and helps promote their culture outside of their country. The impact of supporting a local business provides direct significance on positive development in a community. Through the app sellers have the opportunity to preserve local culture, art and history, while challenging unethical factories that mass produce.

For small businesses, every customer matters. Through small business shopping, shoppers are given a unique and personal experience. Customers can directly speak to their seller and Pigee will automatically translate the conversation to the local language and provide full details of their delivery for peace of mind. 

The startup’s founder and CEO, Leroy Lawrence said his own shopping dilemma in Zanzibar made him realise there was a gap to fill: “I found myself struggling to get pieces of art back home after getting carried away at various local artisan stores. I had this real first world problem of not being able to fit everything into my weekend suitcase. By the time I got back to London most of the paintings were ruined – the paint had picked off, they were frayed. I felt guilty because I’d seen these artists create these artworks. I figured …well, here’s a problem. I can’t buy as much as I would like. I can’t get it home. When I’m at home I need to pack a bigger suitcase just to decide what extras I’m going to fit in there, and that was the problem. So I figured there must be a solution for this, and Pigee was just that.” Founder and CEO, Leroy Lawrence.


  • Sellers and Buyers can download Pigee free: iOS or Android 
  • Sellers can list your products for free
  • Shoppers can buy without limits or worry of how to get your shopping home
  • Stay connected to your seller or customer in the app
  • Purchase using your preferred mobile payment method
  • Maintain your privacy
  • Auto Translate conversation via the chat window
  • Buy and sell more even when you return home. 


How does Pigee work? 

Sellers and buyers can download the app for free and create an account. Verified Pigee shops display their products in the app and share stories of their craft in front of a global audience that’s ready to buy. Once a buyer has found an item to purchase they can connect to the seller in seconds via QR connect. They simply take a photo of the desired item and input the necessary information. Customers can see everything calculated and pay the seller in cash or via the mobile app (Paypal, Visa, AliPay, Apple Pay etc). Once payment is complete they needn’t worry about the logistics, with a tracking number generated immediately. Whatever product purchased from the store using Pigee will be wrapped and delivered to their customers’ doorstep in a matter of days. Safely and securely.

And the shopping needn’t stop there – once home, if the customer decides to purchase more items from the seller, they can do so knowing they trust the item and seller suitability. They can see the store’s offering and they can add items to their cart as if they were on eBay or Amazon. Every item is insured and Pigee keeps delivery cost at a minimum, guaranteed to find you the lowest price. 

“Pigee is a marketplace designed for local crafters and sellers. Unlike Etsy or Amazon, you can be sure the work is unique and original. We’re providing people access to a market that was once logistically limited to them. People can now connect with locals and buy and collect meaningful items – unique items that have attached memories and experiences to them, that they can long enjoy even after their trip has ended.” Founder and CEO, Leroy Lawrence.





Pigee is The Homing Pigeon that solves the first world problem that has frustrated tourists all around the world. That disappointed look you give your suitcase, knowing you have to leave clothes you’ll probably need behind. Planning to buy gifts and products that remind you of the memories you made means you have to leave space in your luggage. Then when you find those hard to find products on vacation you then have to limit your shopping so you can get them home. 

Pigee’s vision is to build a worldwide community to connect those excluded from the global commerce market. To build an economy of inclusion that allows new ideas and products to enter the marketplace. Pigee is dedicated to giving the best user experience and quality of service. Pigee wants it’s community to take part in the building of a system that works for them.

The Pigee App revolutionises the in-person shopping experience for tourists. Whilst also keeping the people you meet connected and empowered.

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